The NHS is and will continue to be at the forefront of many people’s minds as we all navigate this uncertain and challenging time. We have spent many years as a country investing into the system that helps save, maintain and prolongs many lives and we are incredibly grateful to all the dedicated hardworking staff.

Located on the edge of Berkshire and Hampshire, Newbury Racecourse is positioned near four large NHS hospitals that provide outstanding care for those in and around the surrounding area. We have been working with the NHS for many years now as a venue for small training sessions for midwives to large conferences for a number of different branches of the Berkshire Public Health Nursing Service, as well as acting as one of a few Blood Donation centres in the area.

It is for this reason that Newbury Racecourse has now launched a community effort using its extensive space as well as in-house resources, providing varying relief efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic and will waive any site fees associated during the period and give back to the local and surrounding community.

The Eastern entrance of the Racecourse is now set up as a Primary Care Hub for local people who are showing symptoms of Coronavirus but do not need immediate hospital treatment. The area at the racecourse has been specially adapted, and a contained area has been created in less than a week thanks to the brilliant amazing collaboration with the onsite team at the racecourse and all NHS West Berkshire CCG staff. This is proof of not only a strong solidarity between teams but an example of human and personal support and interaction in a difficult and sensitive time.

We also continue to host the NHS blood donations at the racecourse and again we are trying our best to support this important cause by waiving any site fees and ensuring there are stringent protective procedures in place for the safety of people movement while on site.

We will continue to provide private spaces for all NHS bookings so that discussions and training can be completed in a safe environment. Our doors remain open to further support so please for any further information contact Elena Gurgul on 07500 875414 or

Newbury Racecourse has also launched a partnership with Age Concern Newbury & District to feed the most vulnerable elderly in West Berkshire during the COVID-19 crisis along with Swift Couriers. Age Concern Newbury & District who have delivered meals on wheels in the district for over 50 years,  have  developed a safe solution scrutinised by Healthwatch West Berkshire in consultation with West Berkshire Council Adult Social Care and Public Health that will be scaled up by working with Newbury Racecourse and Swift.

The racecourse are pledging their support to the initiative by providing a Meals on Wheels hub in a contained and dedicated area, using the available kitchens and chefs to support the escalating number of vulnerable people who require the service as well as donating £1,000 worth of food from their existing supplies.

Chief Executive of Newbury Racecourse, Julian Thick, commented:

“There is a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety around current COVID-19 pandemic. We want to play our part as much as we possibly can for the most vulnerable groups within our local community and we are fortunate to have a lot of space and in-house resource to allow us to assist with a coordinated and safe response to the unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in. We have waived all fees for the use of the site during this period.”

“Working closely with the team at Age Concern Newbury & District, Swift Couriers as well as NHS West Berkshire CCG, hopefully we can ease some of the pressure on the current services across the borough and provide much needed meals to the most vulnerable. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the staff at the racecourse, many of whom are volunteering their services.”

The Rocking Horse Nursery continues to remain open, providing childcare for a number of children whose parents are key workers in the local area. The children have been busy supporting the NHSNightingale Appeal and providing colourful pictures of rainbows to thank the incredible NHS staff which are being digitally posted across the Newbury Racecourse social platforms.

For further information, please contact Elena Gurgul, Head of Sales (Conferences & Events)
E:        T: 07500 875414