We are a leading conference and events venue with over 50 unique spaces and 225 acres of beautifully maintained land.

As a large venue in the local area we are conscious of making a sustainable difference as a company and have various procedures in place across the whole site in order to do this. We have a dedicated Green Team implementing new initiatives and constantly looking for new ideas on how to improve our impact. Some initiatives currently in place include solar panels across site, water recycling and the use of natural bio products on our race track just to name a few as well as all of our new buildings being BREEAM approved. We understand the importance to event bookers when sourcing a venue that is making a sustainable difference and are proud to present our initiatives to them.

Have a look at some or our main initiatives in place for 2020 across the company.

Rocking Horse Nursery

Our onsite nursery is currently involved in the Green School Awards which involves collecting points for completing environmental projects such as tree dressing, recycling and visiting woods. They have already achieved the Bronze and Silver Awards and continue to work towards achieving the prestigious Platinum Award.

The Green Tree Schools Award encourages outdoor learning and inspires children’s interest about trees, woods and wildlife. Through the award the children take part in fun, practical projects which help the environment and improve the outdoor environment for everyone.

The Awards also contribute to other award schemes such as Eco-Schools.

Local Support

Newbury Racecourse (NRC) and The Lodge Hotel have put in place a project to lead the initiative of working with local charities that will benefit from the skills and resources of the Estates Team and members of the wider NRC team.

We will be offering the manpower to create something special for the local children. Working with them to produce a timetable for the project and communicate out asking everyone to get involved in any way they can. We will be working with Castle School and a local children’s charity Swings and Smiles where we will implement the first project which is to create a sensory garden.

Part of this would be focussed around The Community Support Day and British racings’ National Day of Employee Volunteering on Thursday 7th May 2020. The National Day of Employee Volunteering initiated to collectively inspire and showcase racing working in its local communities, showing that it’s fun to giveback alongside colleagues.

1500 Tree’s

In 2019 Newbury Racecourse finalised the planting of 1500 trees within the grounds of the racecourse. This is to provide habitat and encourage diversity of the indigenous wildlife to balance the symbiotic relationship between the racecourse and it’s immediate environment. Over the years we will be monitoring their growth and the impact they will have.

We Are Making The Difference

  • We use eco-friendly products
  • We have solar panels across site
  • We serve local and organic food
  • We support local charities by delivering any surplus food
  • We have a water recycling plan in place
  • We use natural bio products on our race track
  • We are BREEAM approved on all new buildings
  • We have a dry mixed recycling stream in place

Why Not …

When you book with us arrive by train instead of driving and receive a free snack pack per delegate. Remember, we have our own on-site train station!

For more information on our how we are trying to make the difference please contact a member of the events team.

We Are Committed…

We are constantly developing new initiatives across our venue to make a sustainable reduction in our carbon footprint.

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