As one of the largest conference and events venue’s in the area, not to mention one of the best known racecourse in the country, we think Newbury Racecourse also has to be furlongs ahead when it comes to the question of sustainability. It’s something we know that many of our visitors and corporate clients take very seriously. 

We have a dedicated Green Team whose job is to put new initiatives into place, and seek out new ideas that will help reduce our environmental impact. We’re already using solar panels, water recycling, and natural bio products on the racetrack, and all of our new buildings are BREEAM approved, which sets strict environmental standards for buildings. The team has also come up with some new ideas for 2020.

Awards for our Rocking Horse Nursery

Our on-site nursery is involved in the Green School Awards and has already scooped their Bronze and Silver Awards and is working towards the prestigious Platinum Award. The scheme encourages children’s interest in trees, woods and outdoor life generally, by involving them in hands on activities like tree dressing, recycling and visits to woods. These are fun for the kids and have environmental benefits for all. The Green School Awards also contribute to other award schemes such as Eco-Schools.

1,500 new trees planted

We think that you can’t have too many trees! With this in mind, we’ve recently finished planting 1,500 new trees around the racecourse. They will provide habitats for indigenous wildlife and encourage bio-diversity, as well as balancing the symbiotic relationship between the racecourse and its surroundings. Over the years we’ll be closely monitoring their growth and the impact they’re having.

Trees at Newbury Racecourse

Giving back to schools and communities

Supporting local charities is an important element in our involvement with our communities and makes good use of the skills of our teams.

One project we’re really excited about is working with local children’s charity Swings and Smiles, to create a sensory garden which caters for children with a variety of complex learning difficulties. Along with this we are supporting Castle School to help create an outdoor learning environment. Members of Newbury Racecourse team will be literally getting their hands dirty to make something very special for the children. 

It’ll be partly focused around The Community Support Day, and British racing’s National Day of Employee Volunteering, which is Thursday 7th May 2020. This special day will showcase how the racing world gives back to its local communities, as well as being a lot of fun for everyone who joins in.

For more information on how we are trying to make a difference please visit our sustainability page or contact a member of the team on 01635 40015 or fill out our enquiry form.